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The roller press is a new type of crushing equipment developed internationally in the mid-1980s. The new extrusion grinding technology mainly composed of it has a significant effect on energy saving, and has been widely valued by the international cement industry as a development grinding. A new technology of craftsmanship.

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The roller press is the new grinding equipment developed in mid-1980s.The new extruding and grinding technology mainly composed of it has a remarkable effect in energy saving, and it received great attention from the international cement industry. It has become a new technology in the development of grinding technology. The machine adopts the working principle of low energy consumption of high-pressure material layer and adopts the working mode of single particle crushing in groups. After the high pressure extrusion of brittle material ( the pressure in the pressure zone of the equipment is about 15 MPa, the particle size of the material rapidly decreases. The fine powder content of less than 0.08mm reaches 20%~30%,and the material of 2mm reaches over 70%, and there are a large number of cracks in all the extruded materials, so that in the next process of grinding, the required energy consumption is greatly reduced.According to foreign relevant data and our practical experience, compared to the grinding system that isn’t equipped with the roller press, the grinding system that is equipped with the roller press can increase the production by 50%~200%,the power consumption per unit can reduce by 20%~35%. In addition, due to the small wear of the roller, the power consumption per mill is greatly reduced. Meanwhile, the noise and dust of working equipment is low, which improved the working environment and fully shows its excellent economic and social benefits.

The main body of the equipment are two opposite rotating rollers, brittle materials are fed into the weighing bin that equipped with the load cells, and the pass through the feeding device of the roller press, and fed into two same size, relative rotation rollers, the roller pulls the materials into the roller gap, meanwhile the roller press high pressure on the materials to turn them into dense materials cake, finally falls down from the gap between the two rollers, passes through the discharge chute, extracted by the conveying equipment and the materials are further dispersing and grinding in the next process section.



































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