The research and development project of sludge mechanical drying equipment and resource disposal system of our group company has won the utility model patent of the State intellectual property Office.

Recently, the sludge mechanical drying equipment R & D and resource disposal system development project developed by the youth innovation team of Jidong equipment R & D Center has successfully completed the core equipment drawing design and entered the acceptance stage of R & D results.
This project is a key scientific research project established by Jinyu Group. At present, it has obtained the utility model patent of the State intellectual property Office.
With the continuous improvement of urban sewage treatment rate, the annual discharge of sludge (dry weight) in China has reached about 1.3 million tons, and is increasing year by year.
In order to meet the national sludge reduction requirements and reduce the sludge disposal cost, the sewage treatment plant has increased the output of plate sludge dehydrated to about 60% of moisture content, which has a serious bonding problem, which brings problems to the cement kiln for coordinated disposal of sludge.
The purpose of the research and development of sludge mechanical drying equipment and resource disposal system is to further reduce the moisture content of sludge, break through the barrier of cooperative disposal of sludge in cement kiln, and increase the channel of sludge disposal.
The core task of the project is sludge deep drying technology, which mainly includes three key research and development systems: sludge mechanical drying process system research and development, system equipment research and development and system control automation research and development. the core achievement is the sludge mechanical drying machine, matching transportation, gas-solid separation, deodorization and other technical equipment, which can be used for drying pretreatment of municipal sludge from sewage treatment plant.
The plate sludge with 60% moisture content of the sewage treatment plant is mechanically dried to the dry sludge with moisture content less than 30%, and then the cement system is used for final disposal, and the sludge disposal capacity of the system is about 100 t / D. to achieve the purpose of resource utilization, harmless, stabilization and large-scale sludge treatment, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving, emission reduction and efficiency.
On this basis, the new mode of deep resource utilization of sludge is explored, so that the sludge can be turned into treasure, the disposal channel will be widened, and new economic benefits will be created.
The project effectively avoids the problem that the sludge is directly pumped into the end of the cement rotary kiln and incinerated in the rotary kiln, resulting in a great fluctuation in the temperature in the smoke chamber, affecting the smooth operation of the cement production line, etc., and solves the serious adhesion of sludge with 60% moisture content. Cement kiln can not dispose of the problem.
The dry sludge with moisture content less than 30% is incinerated in the kiln, which not only improves the incineration disposal efficiency, but also replaces part of the fuel, and effectively reduces the disposal cost.
At the same time, the project has carried out a large number of innovative designs in the aspects of feeding and breaking device, sludge particle transport equipment, gas-solid separation device, dried sludge collection and transportation equipment and intelligent control.
Since its establishment, the youth innovation team of Jidong equipment R & D Center has successively granted more than 50 utility model patents, completed 28 computer software copyright registration, won 1 provincial industrial design gold award, 3 building materials industry science and technology progress awards, 6 provincial scientific and technological achievements, and published more than 200 papers in domestic professional journals.
The youth innovation team of Jidong equipment R & D Center actively responds to the company’s annual goal of “100 days” in the decisive battle, and uses scientific and technological innovation to promote the company’s transformation and upgrading and high-quality development.

Post time: Nov-27-2020