Market development power “one hundred ways of” | jidong group and foton auto parts manufacturing business cooperation intention

Jidong Group actively carries out exchanges and visits with BAIC, docking business needs and expanding cooperation space.
On October 22, the two sides held practical exchanges and in-depth discussions on manufacturing-related business.
From October 28 to 29, BAIC Group learned on the spot about Jidong Group’s precision casting, medium casting capacity, machining capacity and electrical automation production capacity, and the two sides expressed their willingness to further discuss cooperation on December 1. BBMG Group paid a return visit to Futian Company of Biqi Group to understand the business needs of automobile moulds and parts of Foton Company.
On the basis of many mutual visits, the two sides reached a preliminary cooperation intention to carry out auto parts manufacturing business, which further expanded the breadth and depth of the comprehensive strategic cooperation between BBMG Group and BAIC, and will promote the equipment manufacturing business of Jidong Group to expand from the cement industry and metallurgical industry to the automobile industry.
Since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between BBMG Group and BAIC in 2017, BBMG Group and its affiliated enterprises have maintained a good cooperative relationship with BAIC.
This visit and research is a positive exploration to achieve the “double 70″ development goal of Jidong Group, and coincides with the three major development paths of BBMG Group: “integrated development, coordinated development and high-quality development”. It is in line with General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “new development pattern with domestic and international double cycles promoting each other”, which will promote the cooperation between Jidong Group, which belongs to Jidong Group, and Foton Company of BAIC Group.
BBMG Group and BAIC Group have their own advantages, and how to integrate their respective advantages to maximize value is a common topic discussed by both sides.
Auto parts manufacturing business is the focus of cooperation between the two sides. Jidong Group is committed to providing Futian with high-quality products and services.
The two sides also held in-depth discussions on the direction and mode of cooperation in the future, and both sides indicated that they would continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the future.

Post time: Jan-14-2021