Cleaning machine manual


The problem of clearing the material storage is a historical problem that perplexes the production enterprises. The existing technology mainly uses some simple tools assisted by human. In the construction, the personnel should operate in the warehouse. Due to the sealed space, dim light and dirty air in the warehouse, the construction personnel have to be in close contact with the materials, and the materials in the warehouse are complicated, and the situation in the cleaning process is constantly changing. Therefore, the manual cleaning work will pose a great threat to the health and life safety of the construction personnel. As a result, the clearance work has become a very high risk work, which is also a work with great potential safety hazard for the owners. In recent years, there are frequent accidents of manual cleaning, so it is imperative to choose a safe and reliable cleaning method in the form of strict control of enterprise safety production by the state.

2Working principle of cleaning machine

Due to the structural problems of the storage and the lack of regular emptying operation in the process of using, a considerable part of the materials stay in the storage for a long time. We believe that the main reason for the poor fluidity of materials is that they stay in the warehouse for a long time, and the result of the poor fluidity is the accumulation of materials in the warehouse, which leads to the difficulty of delivery. The purpose of mechanical cleaning is to make these materials lose their fluidity by mechanical means. In practice, we found that: the accumulation angle of these materials losing fluidity is very large, and the materials will collapse with a little force. If manual operation is very dangerous, but if general construction machinery is used in the storage, it is difficult to construct. Therefore, we designed a kind of machine installed on the top of the warehouse, and the mechanical scraper can move at any position in the warehouse, that is, the warehouse cleaning machine. Through the mechanical transmission outside the warehouse, the scraper in the warehouse can work up and down, left and right, so that the materials can be cleaned from top to bottom, from the periphery to the center(structure drawing attached)


3Characteristics of the cleaning machine

It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and operation.

In the process of installation and use, personnel do not need to enter the warehouse, and the installation is reliable.

When the cleaning speed is fast and the outlet is not blocked, the cleaning speed is the discharging speed.

Four to six tunnels are evenly distributed around the top of the reservoir Ø 250, which has little influence on the strength of the top of the silo

Equipment installation and cleaning have little influence on production.

It can assist discharge and has homogenization function.

Low power consumption (22KW), short working time.

It can be used in different sizes and structures.

It can realize the intelligent control of anti overload and process operation.

4Model and basic parameters

1. Type of concrete structure storehouse



2. Model of steel structure warehouse


3. Model of steel shed structure warehouse


5、 Installation of equipment
The strength and safety of the warehouse top are evaluated to meet the requirement that each opening position can bear the weight of 3-5t.
According to the location of the top of the warehouse and the size of the cleaning machine, the equipment installation opening shall be opened at the appropriate position on the top of the warehouse, and the opening shall not be opened to the top beam of the warehouse.
Select and contact the crane of appropriate tonnage and height.
Equipment hoisting and positioning.
Install the control cabinet and connect the cable and signal line.
Wind the wire rope and put it into the warehouse in sequence.
Install the rope puller and take out the wire rope from the observation hole (manhole).
Connect each wire rope end to the large scraper.
Add lubricating oil of reducer and hydraulic oil of electro-hydraulic brake.
The bolts on the large scraper are welded by electric welding to prevent loosening.
Use a crane to put the scraper wrapped with wire rope into the warehouse from the manhole.
6、 Use and maintenance
Observe the shape of materials in the warehouse and determine the starting point of cleaning.
Set the trip protection on the sensor display.
According to the required cleaning position, switch the required motor to make the large scraper close to the cleaning point.
According to the cleaning requirements, turn on the relevant motor to make the large scraper reciprocating motion to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
When the cleaning at one place reaches the goal, adjust the switch of the cleaning machine to transfer the scraper to another place.
When working, pay attention to observe the operation of motor and reducer outside the warehouse. If any problem is found, stop the machine in time.
When cleaning, observe the tightness of the wire rope to prevent it from winding to the scraper. If the winding is found, it should be untied in time.
After cleaning, tighten the steel wire rope to make the scraper suspended to a reasonable position (the position where the material does not impact).
7、 Precautions for equipment ordering
Understand the shape of the reservoir, such as diameter, height, length, width and depth.
Understand the storage structure, concrete warehouse, steel plate warehouse, spiral undercut warehouse, brick warehouse, etc.
Understand the structure of the top and the body of the warehouse, prepare for the load-bearing design, and preferably provide drawings.
Understand the space distribution of the equipment on the top of the warehouse, and arrange the position of the cleaning machine.
Understand the outlet and internal structure of the warehouse, and select the appropriate blocking equipment (if there is caking in the materials during cleaning, it is easy to block the outlet).

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