grinding equipment and spare part

  • Grinding roller

    Grinding roller

    Material Standard GB, EN, DIN, ASTM, GOST, JIS, ISO Material Processing Forging, Casting, Welding Heat Treatment Annealing, Normalizing, Q&T, Induction Hardening Machining Tolerance Max. 0.01mm Machining Roughness Max. Ra 0.4 Module of Gear 8-60 Accuracy of Teeth Max. ISO Grade 5 Weight/Unit 100kgs – 60 000kgs Application Mining, Cement, Construction, Chemical, Oil Drilling, Steel Mill, Sugar Mill and Power Plant Certification ISO 9001
  • Roller Press

    Roller Press

    The roller press is a new type of crushing equipment developed internationally in the mid-1980s. The new extrusion grinding technology mainly composed of it has a significant effect on energy saving, and has been widely valued by the international cement industry as a development grinding. A new technology of craftsmanship.
  • Raw Vertical Mill

    Raw Vertical Mill

    The raw material vertical mill is a roller mill equipped with 4 grinding rollers.
  • Coal vertical mill

    Coal vertical mill

    JGM2-113 coal mill is a medium-speed roller mill. Its grinding part is composed of a rotating grinding ring and three fixed and self-rotating grinding rollers rolling along the grinding ring.
  • Cement vertical mill

    Cement vertical mill

    Cement vertical mill is used to grind cement raw materials. Its working principle is: raw materials enter the discharge pipe through the three-way air lock valve, and the discharge pipe enters the inside of the mill through the side of the separator.
  • Cement mill

    Cement mill

    JLMS roller mill is used for the pre-grinding of cement clinker.
  • Slag vertical mill

    Slag vertical mill

    Slag vertical mill is a negative pressure air sweeping type grinding equipment, which will dry the slag and grind the slag.