Cement vertical mill

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Cement vertical mill is used to grind cement raw materials. Its working principle is: raw materials enter the discharge pipe through the three-way air lock valve, and the discharge pipe enters the inside of the mill through the side of the separator.

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The cement mill is the equipment that for grinding cement raw materials. The working principle as follows: the raw materials is fed into the feed duct through three in a row air-lock valves,and the feed duct extends into the interior of the mill through the side of the separator.

The materials falls onto the center of the grinding disc by the impact of the gravity and air flow. The grinding disc is firmly connected to the reducer and rotates at a constant speed. The constant speed of the grinding disc disperses the materials evenly on the liner of the grinding disc, where the the inclined cone grinding roller grasps the materials and grinds them. Thanks to the function of the hydraulic system, the materials are ground by the force of pressure and friction.

The centrifugal force throws the ground materials from the center of grinding disc to the rim of it, the materials that departs from the grinding disc meets with the hot air that enters the mill through the air ring, and the materials follow the hot air and rise together, then enter into the separator through the middle shell of the mill; in the process, materials exchange sufficiently the hot with the hot air, moisture evaporates quickly, make the rest of moisture content to 1%.

The materials that have not been ground to specified requirements are selected by the separator. They are fed back into the mill for re-grinding. The materials passes through the separator is carried into the bag filter by the air flow by the mill fan.











Cement Vertical Mill
φ2.4       180        2400      0~30 JLP220-WXA       29.6 YRKK710-6      2300

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