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Tangshan Jidong Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Tangshan Jidong Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd is a comprehensive production service-oriented company, it is joint venture by Tangshan Jidong Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd and Tangshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. It is the hosting platform of systematic integration, centralized management and integrative operational of internal resource of Jidong Development Group. The company owns hundred years of equipment manufacture experience and more than 30 years maintenance experience for new dry process cement production lines.

The core businesses cover cement equipment and spare parts supply, equipment and spare parts maintenance, technical innovation and measures, operation and maintenance of production line, management consultancy etc. to provide professional systematic solution to the customers.


Our Core

Core Business:

Three business centres:

1.e-commerce service platform
2.Online trading for standardized products
3.Custom solution on professional products, maintenance project and technical services
4.Share inventories among member enterprises.

the center provides inspection service for equipment to reduce on site emergency faults, and increase equipment running stability. 

The eight businesses are as below:

Professional Technical Team:

1.system calibration for the production line
2.vibration monitoring,
3.nondestructive monitoring,
4.oil testing and analysis
5.foundation settlement testing,
6.temperature detection
7.motor monitoring
8. dynamic and static testing of rotary kiln.

1.Three ISO international certificated vibration analysts
2.Three Ⅱgrade NDT engineers
3.32 electrical, mechanical, process, power generation and civil engineers
4.The equipment re-manufacturing center – To repair varies of mobile equipment and air compressors.
6.Engineering technical consultation center- To undertake bidding business, provide export database and professional technical consultation

five core projects

1.Kiln cylinder radiant heat utilization project

Our company has focused on market research and completed the design of the collector of rotary kiln shell’s radiant heat to provide electricity, bath water heating and heating in winter. We can make site investigation and design according to the requirement of the customers to provide modular and individual service to the customers.
Especially in the aspect of power generation,Our company adopts low-temperature cement kiln waste heat power generation technology. This technology is directly using the low temperature waste heat which discharged from kiln inlet and kiln outlet to produce the electric energy. There is no fuel consumption and no pollution during electric generation. It is a green power generation technology with considerable of economic benefit, clean and green, which complies with the clean and energy-saving policy of the government. It has a great development space and prospect.
The advantage of project:
1、The water cooled unit uses flash evaporation technology, that can have high usage of waste heat to significantly promote the economic benefit of the generator set.
2、The AQC boiler is vertical type. It is equiped a pre-deduster (settling chamber) before the boiler in order to reduce the dust entering the boiler.
3、PH boiler is horizontal type, adopting forced circulation steam pocket boiler; One advantage is reduce the dust deposition of heating area and the other advantage is to reduce the number of rapping apparatus, and to reduce air leakage of system.
4、The distributed control system adopts the hardware and system software of internationally renowned company. It is advanced and reliable.

2.Intelligent logistics system project - uses numerical control and smart card technology to improve bulk packing delivery efficiency and reduce human error.

3.Kiln and furnace export system project – uses neural network, model identification and soft sensor technology, composite model predictive control algorithm to replace artificial operation, realize automatic control and reach the goals of stable quality, stable quantity, coal saving, electricity saving and production capacity improving at steady kiln operation state.

4.Energy management system project- collects, analyzes, monitors and manages the energy medium data by establishing energy management system platform to achieve energy saving and emission reduction aims.

5.Machines replace people in key positions-take intelligent plant as the goal orientation, use robots in high risk jobs. Now 5 R&D projects has been confirmed to be researched.

①Replace manual loading with bag type robot
②Replace artificial bag insert with automatic packer
③“Snowman” cleaning robot for the grate cooler
④Replace the artificial operation with preheater block cleaning and skinning knock robot
⑤Replace artificial warehouse cleaning with cleaning robot

Equipment and Spare Parts

Vertical mill(raw vertical mill, cement vertical mill, slag vertical mill), rotary kiln, high efficiency grate cooler and roller press etc. those invented by the company selling group can meet the demand of 2500-10000tpd for new dry process cement production lines.
Cooperated with Germany Siemens Company and Zhejiang Central Control Co., Ltd, the company developed and produced leading technical industry automatic control system, expert diagnosis system for rotary kiln, OTS simulating training system and building energy saving system.
The company adopts top level of imported machines to produce wear resistant, heat resistant and corrosion resistant castings, which can meet the demand of 2500-10000tpd for new dry process cement production lines.
Cooperated with CN Gpower Gearbox Co.,Ltd and NGC group, the company established gearbox maintenance center to provide professional gearbox repairing solution for industry companies.
“win-win” is the goal of our JIDONG members. We sincerely look forward to your cooperation!